Aerial Services

Private Charters. Business Charters. Aerial Advertising. Aerial Surveys. Aerial Spraying. Air Cargo/Courier Service. Aerial Sightseeing Tours. Inter Connecting Flights. Day Tours. Flight Training School. Air Ambulance. Service.

Inter-connecting Flights

From Trinidad and Tobago we'll take you direct to any Caribbean destination for your connecting flights.

Flight Training School

We offer one of the most cost effective Flight Training Programmes available. Briko guarantees the best possible training by certified Flight Instructors. Are you interested in Flying as a career or a Hobby? Contact Briko today!

Day Tours

A new exciting dimension. Spend a day in luxury on any island of your choice in the Caribbean. We'll take you there and back, just say when and where.

Private Charters

We'll fly you and your party to destinations through the Caribbean as well as Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana and Central America.

Aerial Advertising

We'll fly your message through the skies at competitive rates (Banner towing).

Business Charters

Enjoy the convenience of flying your business team to overseas conferences, and meetings on your own chartered aircraft. Save time, no delays!

Aerial Surveys

For research teams and parties interested in Marine and Land Surveys.

Air Cargo / Courier Service

Quick runs for rush packages, cash deliveries and Bank runs between Trinidad and Tobago and the nearby islands if necessary.

Aerial Sightseeing Tours

Locals and Tourists can enjoy Trinidad and Tobago from the skies. Night tours are romantic and beautiful.

Aerial Spraying

20 years experience in Aerial Application. Briko is the only company in Trinidad & Tobago providing this specialized service with two (2) Cessna A188B Ag Trucks with pilots having over 25 years experience.


1. Low Volume: 2 gallons per acre with a swath width of 66 feet
2. Low Volume: 5 gallons per acre with a swath width of 66 feet
3. Ultra Low Volume: 0.5 to 1.25 liters per acre with a swath width of 110 feet

Aerial Application

1. Insecticide Applications
2. Herbicide Applications
3. Fertilizer Applications
4. Rice seeding
5. Fire control
6. Oil spills and Environmental clean-up
7. Insect Vector Control – Mosquitoes

Briko provides aerial services for the sugar, rice and citrus industries

Fertilizer & Seeding

1. Urea, Potash etc at 50 to 110 lbs. per acre with a swath with of 33 feet
2. Rice seeding at 50 to 130 lbs. per acre with a swath width of 33 feet

Experienced in froghopper, locust and insect vector control.

More About

Charters – Ground Handling – Aircraft Maintenance


The Cessna 402 is one the most innovative advanced aircraft built of its kind. It provides a spacious elegantly built stand up cabin fully air conditioned and non-pressurized up to 25,000 feet. Powered by its Twin Turbo Charged engines, the advanced propellers reduce cabin noise level to a minimum.

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This aircraft can be utilized for business or pleasure charters, air ambulance (outfitted with an approved aero-med kit), connecting flights and crew transfers.

Enjoy the comfort of flying at your convenience with a minimal booking time of 24 hours before departure. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks provided on flights with a flying time of over 2 hours.


• Crew: One or two members
• Capacity: Up to 9 passengers depending on configuration with hand luggage only
• Loaded Weight: 6,865 lb (3,114 kg)
• Max. Takeoff Weight: 6,850 lb (3,107 kg)
• Power-plant: 2 × Continental TSIO-520-VB turbocharged, fuel-injected piston engines, 325 hp (240 kW) each
• Range: 1,273 nmi (1,467 mi, 2,360 km
• Service Ceiling: 26,900 ft (8,200 m)


Your time is valuable and scheduling is important. Don’t be frustrated by delays and standby arrangements. Don’t waste time trying to co-ordinate business or pleasure trips.

Enhance your corporate image. Realize savings in time, lodging, ground transportation and improved business opportunity. Impress your clients or potential clients.

Air Charters when properly used bring all the advantages that air travel is supposed to offer, rapid transportation with the real convenience and service. It’s worth every penny.

Just sit back and enjoy our First Class Services, comfortable executive seats generous leg room and privacy to review your notes.


Briko Air Services Limited has an unblemished safety track record operating up to 18 aircraft during the nineties. Our Pilots and Engineers are both FAA and CAA rated and to International standard s utilizing the most reputable facilities such as Flight Safety and Sim Com. Our Maintenance staff are all factory trained in both Airframe and Engine.

Ground Handling Services
  • Immigration clearance
  • Customs clearance
  • Health clearance
  • Fueling
  • Logging of flight plan
  • Catering
  • Aircraft towing & parking
  • APU support
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Maintenance

Briko Air Services Limited is fully certified

by the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA) under TTAR 145 and operates out of its three (3) facilities located at Piarco International Airport, Piarco, Camden Base, Couva and Point Galeota. Briko is fully certified and equipped with certified A & P and A & C engineers and with additional technical staff providing the following services listed (left).

  • Immigration clearance
  • Customs clearance
  • Health clearance
  • Fueling
  • Logging of flight plan
  • Catering
  • Aircraft towing & parking
  • APU support
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Maintenance